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Crip way of sayin whats up
Yo dawg whats crackin? Did u pop a cap in that blood's ass the other day?
by RyRy February 03, 2004
A system of mathmatical equations for finding the actual size (not just the length) of a man's penis, as refered to on South Park.
Guy 1: Bro, i measured my dick and its an 8.3 on the T.M.I. Scale!

Guy 2: Nice dude.
by Ryry February 08, 2012
To aquire a 64oz soda(pepsi, sprite) at a gas station or liquor store. such as AM/PM being the dominant run, 7/11, chevron, those cheap gas stations, dairy mart, any thing else is un exceptable. If your not an original dopnt make a run or ull end up hurt!
"Hey foo lets go make a run, ORIGIANLS ONLY"
by ryry January 10, 2005
1. A hardc0re teen well known f0r his expertise game hacking skills

2. -g0d-

3. DuffyTheNerd's friend.
PLiko 0wNz j0o

hes almost as cool as PLiko..
by ryry November 19, 2004
"ppuhhhhhhh, your not a fuckin original
by ryry January 10, 2005

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