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The act of engaging in raunchy sexy passionate foreplay. Secret Code so parents or friends dont know what your really engaging yourself in.
Hey cayla you wanna come back to my house and have fun?
by Ryon Smilson October 06, 2010
The act of giving your girlfriend an affectionate kiss when your not with each other in a long distance relationship through a text showing the act of french kissing through text, your significant loved one understands the importance of a passionate kiss through text
I can't wait to give you a kissamoo! :)
by Ryon Smilson February 05, 2011
The pre ejaculation that occurs when you "flood" the condom with cum and your sperm are pissed that they cant reach the vagina walls
Damn, my flood condom kept me from nailing her vag dam!
by Ryon Smilson February 05, 2011

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