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- A tv channel that kicks Nickelodeon's ass. (but fucked up Dexter' Lab by downgrading the graphics of the characters and quality of the show. Like the animator died and the got some a** to do it.
I watch Cartoon Network to watch Adult Swim.
by RyoGen June 25, 2004
- somthing you type/say (What the Fuck) when someone does an impossible stunt, kill, or beat down in a multplayer games (like HALO)
-A flying tank!? WTF?

-WTF man why are you TKing me?

-WTF . . . fucking banchee hores!
by RyoGen June 25, 2004
- A guy who has a gay name
- Hav-en-ga (having a) BJ
Look at me! I'm Hav-en-ga BJ and my name is BJ . . .Ha ha ha!
by RyoGen June 25, 2004
A bird in the Final Fantasy (FF) series thats comes in normal(yellow),fat(fat ass bird), red, black(can fly i think), blue (can swim) and others in abilitys and colors

for more info, play FF7
I just made a fat ass chocobo land on my enemies. They when SMACK!
by RyoGen June 25, 2004

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