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"Smuggling tic tacs" is a euphemism used to describe a lady's visibly erect nipples. It may be cold, she may be horny, or she may genuinely be smuggling tic tacs.

Sometimes you may be in luck, and she may be smuggling a whole handful of tic tacs. This probably means that she has pierced nipples.

Every now and then you may be out of luck, and find that a gentleman is also smuggling tic tacs. Best not to mention it to him though.
Hey babes, whatcha got there? You smuggling tic tacs?


Hot damn, I could really go for a tic tac right now. I notice that you're smuggling a couple. Mind if I have a taste?
#nipples #erect #cold #tic tac #tic tacs #tictac #tictacs
by Rymix September 02, 2006
A colloquial augmentation of the phrase 'borked', meaning 'broken beyond repair' or 'cream crackered'.

'Bjorked' means ultimately the same thing as 'borked', but has a much nicer Icelandic-sounding ring to it.

It is especially effective when referring to under-performing people or products from Scandinavia.
Petter Solberg just totally bjorked his car by driving into that tree.
#borked #bjork #broken #b0rked #fucked #cream crackered
by Rymix June 26, 2006
Someone who performs the re-writing of some coding routine.

Also, general derogatory term for anyone, for any reason.
"I just spacked a whole bunch of data just then"
"Ooh, you're such a munge twaddler!"


"Why me? WHY ME?"
"That's 'cos you're a munge twaddler"
by rymix June 25, 2004
The male cameltoe, so called due to the startlingly camel-face-like relief caused by the trouser-wearer's cock and balls being pressed against the inside of his tight slacks.
Argh, my trousers are so tight! I have a camelface.
#trousers #pants #cameltoe #camel face #penis #cock #balls
by Rymix March 29, 2011
Rolfmayo is a derivation of the Internet slang roflmao (rolling on floor laughing my ass/arse off). It basically means the same thing, but features far more Rolf and Mayo.

Particularly popular in England, rolfmayo is an indirect reference to both the celebrated Australian painter and entertainer, Rolf Harris, and the equally enchorial salad dressing, mayonnaise.
I just saw an old lady fall over! ROLFMAYO
#roflmao #rolf harris #mayo #mayonnaise #internet slang
by rymix September 15, 2008
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