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Brooklyn is the most populous of the five boroughs of New York City with about 2.5 million inhabitants- accourding to Wikipedia, though others say it's the second-largest. o__O;; It doesn't matter, anyway. It's a bad place, but compared to what some of the comments say it is... not really...

Apart from all those pretty little tourist sights there's the Black, Chinese, Italian, Hispanic, "Russian", and, though no one else here on the site seems to have mentioned it (but I think it's the nastiest), the Jewish Ghettos. Oh, then there's the rich white parts scattered around mostly downtown (NORTH on Brooklyn, on the map. -.-' If you see Coney Island, that's a bad thing...) that developers claim to be the "extended part of Manhatten"- the rent prices are, anyway.
Oh, and *oh god* the ghetto part of Bensonhurst isn't Russian- mostly Slavic Jews who speak the language. :D M'kay, and as anouther side note, I have yet to see ONE mafia member, of any race. Unless the Jews have suddenly marked being racist bastards as an initiation rite for being in their own mafia... then all of Borough Park's in it.

And not the whole borough (not.... boro... ;-;') is full of illiterate bastards. High Schools like Tech, are -very- prestigious. I'm not getting into collages and universities, since most seem to think that it's all 16-yr old assholes wearing pants to their knees spitting out rap songs about how people get shot on the corner. Not that they don't... but hell. You have a higher chance of getting shot in Chicago, LA, Detroit, DC, Boston, Houston, Saint Louis, Atlanta, Philly, New Orleans, and the small hometown of your choice then here.

Nevermind that the food is fucking orgasmic. :D I need not mention (hopefully) all the geniuses Brooklyn has brought out in sports, the arts- dance, film, and music as well as visual arts, and academic fields.
Oh, and before you start dissing on Brooklyn from what you've heard on TV or something, actually /go there/. Kthxbye~
by Rymes April 21, 2006

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