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Emo, as it is called, ranges from types of music to a slang word used to insult people. 'btw, that is very immature.'


All throughout this area, you will find out where the genre got started. But this is a brief explanation for it.

Back in the mid 80's, punk music had a branch off, or 'sub genre' in its group that came out. It came out as 'Emotional Hardcore'. Time has changed its meaning and stance in society. In, what i think was the mid 90's, it was a blend of Pop Punk and Indie Rock.

In the early years of 2000, screamo became a subgenre of Emo Hardcore/Emocore, which also had become known as simply 'Emo'.

The definition for this music is bipolar and hard to explain, it can range from anything anger, to sorrow, and even happiness.

Lyrics that talk about crying in despair after a death in the family are Emo. The second lyrics do not leave the listener to wonder what is being expressed. The desert could be a reference to drying out from alcohol abuse or it could be a metaphor for death or bareness. Because there are different styles of Emo music such as emocore and screamo, what is Emo music is an ambiguous definition. Loosely defined, Emo music is music that is highly emotional and very straightforward in the expression of that emotion.(emo-corner)

Emo in society------

Emo is normally used as an insult on someone who dresses in the ways listed below or who listens to 'emo' music. Its a stereotypical and a very misunderstood on the parts of the people who do insult someone in this way. They seem them as people who don't wanna deal with relativity or who like to bitch about how much their life sucks, when in all honesty they know nothing about what they honestly do or think.

People who consider themselves emo, for a good part, usually are more connected with their emotions, or have a lots of emotional things that puts an intense amount of stress upon that person. An emo person is a person who usually just wants someone to understand them and has a lot of pain that goes on inside of them.

Emos are usually the outcasts and rejects of scoiety, and are looked down upon because of the stereotypical outlook upon them. They are often loners, or are in a group of people who are more understanding of their circumstances

then the rest of the population around them *which also explains why they tend to hang out with other emo people*.

This group of people also is emotional connected to various forms of art, mostly which include music, poetry, and many forms of theater arts. Art *Music/Poetry* is the form of outlet for over-emotional people, and is the area in which they excel in. These people are also more or less accepting group in the typical high school groups, and are also the most made fun of, or beaten up on group. *in a lot of cases, the people who are considered book worms and even the people called geeks are treated better*

Depression, death, and nostalgia are what most people that that emo people are feeling. But the part that most people miss is that emo people are often Bi-polar, or even manic-depressives. So, in saying that, i must also say the other most important thing to know. Emo people are not simply sad, they are also very enjoyable people, and have happy and anger feelings of their own.

It is also stereotypical to think that emo people cut themselves to fit into the emo group. If they do, they are a poser. But a true emo person does not have to. If someone does cut them self for any reason, it has to do with an overwhelming feeling of sadness. But cutting them self, they feel they are taking away emotional pain, by covering it up with physical pain. But in actuality, when 'cutting' is being preformed, it releases Endorphins into the blood stream, which is a pain reliever of the body, and also release (analgesia), which gives a sense of 'well-being'.

And the stereotypical idea that emo people simply want attention is completely ridiculous. If anything, they don't want people to come to them, they want to express who they are, and want someone to understand them.

Emo Fashion--------

Emo is not only a classification or a type of music it's also taken over the way one expresses themself by dressing. It includes the tighter fiting pants to the dyed-black or dark hair with it covering your face. The longer hair in front with the spikes in the back is also a more Emo- or emotional look to dressing.

For both genders, the same usually applies to both when it comes to hairstyle. Straight hair in the front with one large bag of hair in the face covering one of the eyes, and spiky and messed up in the back. Usually dyed black, but can also be dyed with darker colors like a midnight blue, or even a blood red. Its also common for it to be dyed in more then one color. But the difference in between the genders is more then simply color and tight clothing. It also has a lot to do with who you are, more then just what the scene calls for.

Guys- From what i hear everywhere, its the usual thing. Tight jeans, tight and dark colored clothing of your favorite band, black eyeliner...etc....It can also include arm bands, arm warmers, Tripp pants, and even belts. Converse are also widely worn, but any skating shoes will do. There are many examples out there, so take a look for yourself, its more then i can help you with when styling.

Girls- Again, its consists of tight clothing, usually black or in dark colors. Dark rimmed glasses *aka Harry Potter Glasses*, and fairly heavy eyeliner are also fairly common.
Usually have bags that also have buttons with their favorite bands on them. Converse are *again* common, but and skate shoe will work. Knee high socks are often warn is an array of colors, but also leggings in an array of colors are also common. Dark skirts also can be worn and are a normal in this genre.

True Fashion for a True Emo------------

The things listed above are what is the usual wear of a typical emo person, however there is one truth you need to know...

ITS NOT TRUE! None of that is required. Your style is how you want it to be. It can consist of colors and is not restricted to any form, its all about you. Your feelings are the most important thing about this. If you don't want to wear black, then don't. It might ruin your ok, or even good mood. If you don't like tight jeans, don't wear them. I don't wear them, its not a part of who i am. In what is its truest form, its you. I like Twilight, for example in this, and i wear my twilight tee shirt, and i even wear CAMO paints from time to time. Your never restricted to what it is.
In other words, Emo is not "i hate myself and want to cut myself or fit in. I'm going to go and kiss girls/guys like me, and write in my journal about how much my life sucks and go and put on my emo clothes and sit at the mall and cry and hope to get attention."

Emo people are a people who love music and poetry, connect well with their emotions, have ways of expressing who they are, and have problems just like everyone else.
by Ryme Cullen August 23, 2009
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