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1 definition by Ryleigh

One of the four Hogwarts Houses in J.K Rowling's award winning series, Harry Potter.

Slytherin is the best house out of the four because the students who are sorted in this house are:
A.) extremely Sexy
b.) Badass
c.) Not afriad to speak their mind
d.) Powerful
f.) Great Leaders
g.) Hot
h.) Sexy
i.) We have cookies

The students in Slytherin ARE NOT always] mean, degrading, bitchy, and slutty. Although, we can be.

Students in Slytherin
-Draco Malfoy
-Severus Snape
-Tom Marvolo Riddle Voldemort
-Lucius Malfoy
-Vincent Crabbe
-Gregory Goyle
-Pansy Parkinson
And more!
That boy is so fine, he must be in Slytherin.
Slytherin boys have big wands.
Slytherin is the best house.
He is stupid he must not be in Slytherin.
Harry Potter is too much of a pussy to be in Slytherin.
by Ryleigh April 21, 2008