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God's Alias; Perfect Form With A Little Tweaking And Tucking
"..and Ryland will bless your soul today said he himself..."

"...with a little bit of surgery, I would by Ryland..."
by Ryland October 31, 2003
A wedgie in which the victom is given a wedgie, lifted of of the ground, and the underwear must go above the head but not put over to make it atomic, all at the same time.
My little brother messed with me too much. He's gunna get a nuclear wedgie.
by Ryland March 08, 2005
form of shamone or shamon, only spelled and said a little differently
Jamone, bruthah!
by Ryland October 31, 2003
What Ryland does when he doesn't have it his way
"After his Diet Coke was shook up, we all listened to Ryland's Bitch"
by Ryland October 31, 2003

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