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Gater. For more accurately, Stargate fan. Like me :) Used on the net.
The guy I'd met last year's con, he was a real obsessed g8r, he had it all taped and won the trivia at te end!
U know if U R a g8r if... (fandom craziness lists)
#gater #danielite #*g8 #kree #g8er
by Ryktan December 09, 2005
A human with a computer chip implanted into his or her brain. Eejits are similar to mindless zombies and only obey voice command orders. If an eejit were told to stay it would stay at the same spot until it was told otherwise even if it were in a lifethreatening condition.
The workers on opium poppy fields in South America are usually eejits.
#zombie #slave #idiot #beast of burden #clone #chip #cyberware #opium
by ryktan June 25, 2007
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