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A psychological disorder where the patient is convinced that the whole world is there just for his/her enjoyment. Such patients often exhibit behavior that their actions do not really effect others and the world is their audience.
Fucking Braun thinks he is so funny. He walks around life just doing what ever he wants like he is in some god damn TV show. I wish he would really go seek help for his Truman complex.

by Rye! February 28, 2009
A list of people you want to see hit by a bus.
Did you see that crook Blagojevich is writing a tell-all book about political corruption? What an asshole! He's definitely on my Bus List.
by Rye! March 02, 2009
It is disorder where a patient is going through such a hard time in life where it simulates getting fisted all the way up the rectum. Said illness can be diagnosed by checking the stool for a small portable timepiece, worn on the wrist like a Swatch watch. The only known cure for Swatchpooria is orally administering large amounts of beer, booze or wine.
Oh my god that Dynamics II exam was hell! I have to go home now and drink, I think it gave me a bad case of Swatchpooria.
by Rye! March 04, 2009
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