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dead sexy, the most hott stuff that has ever walked the earth. all the ladies love him and all he has to do is nod to them to make them faint. all the guys are his brothas. has about 600 different girlfriends every year...
He reminds me of rydawg...
by Rydawg May 18, 2004
The most overrated team in NFL history. They are led by the most overrated player, Tom Brady. The only reason they won the Superbowls was because of their kicker and everybody else on their team sucks ass... They have a player named Gay.
The New England Patriots are 1 - 6 against the Dallas Cowboys and if they ever play sometime soon it will be 1 - 7
by Rydawg April 23, 2006
One who practices erotic love making to the feline family
Bavetta is a fucking catboy.
by rydawg January 23, 2004

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