2 definitions by Ryann

cool--in an apocalyptic, we're-all-gonna-die sort of way.
wow, man, that pasta was so chiliastic
by ryann September 12, 2003
dickle v. dick'led, dick'ling, dick'les

v. tr. 1. to touch (the body) lightly with a penis, so as to cause laughter or twitching movements.
2. a. To tease or excite pleasurably with a penis; titillate
b. To fill with mirth or pleasure; delight with a penis

v. r. To feel or cause a tingling sensation from a penis
n. 1. the act of dickling
2. informal terms for a difficult situation with a penis
3. a small warty penis, usually preserved in brine or vinegar.
ex: Johnny dickled me pink last night.
ex: Billy got into a terrible dickle with Suzy last night.
by Ryann October 21, 2004

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