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An energy having the nature of spirit; not material.

Spiritual energy includes auras, angels, spirits, etheric beings, astral travel, God, etc.
by RyanTheGod September 07, 2007
A book that is only understood with the Spirit.

From the physical standpoint, the book is words and confusion. From the spiritual standpoint, it makes sense.
The Bible often speaks in symbols, the language of the subconscious-soul. For example, Eve being taken from Adam's rib/side means that man and woman are two parts of a whole. This is something people don't understand.

The coolest parts in the Bible are the explained differences between the flesh and the spirit, Jesus talking, and angels coming to people's dreams.

The Bible owns.
by RyanTheGod September 07, 2007
A person who arouses sexual interest when you look at them.
Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Anna Kournikova, Lita from WWE and Patrica Heaton are examples of sexy.
by RyanTheGod September 07, 2007

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