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The type of relationship that, if convenient, is a friendship. However, a convenientship is broken if one party goes out of their way to converse or anything else that is friendship related.
Jesse and I totally have a convenientship, we never stay in touch but if he's around town we're friends.
#friendship #convenientship #convenient #friends #relationship
by RyanDubya April 30, 2007
The phase in the relationship, after the elationship (honeymoon stage), where the woman just wants to talk. The time period of the stage varies with the woman.
Me: Alexe and I just reached the communicationship phase

Josh: What does that mean?

Me: All she wants to do now is talk.
#relationship #elationship #honeymoon #phases #talking #noaction
by RyanDubya May 01, 2007
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