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To "poo-poo" something. Being overly negative when the negativity is not justified.
Al was playing NBA 2K8 and was down 75-72 in the 4th period, he then stated the game was "Over".

He Campbelled the severity of his deficit.

by Ryan44 January 16, 2008
a serious disease that affects the penismusculus in the dick head region of the penis. Usually contracted from having rough anal sex.
coach, i cant practice today they say i got the worst case of phalacamite theyve ever seen.
by Ryan44 January 14, 2008
The act of more than one male teenagers masterbating at one computer screen at one time.
We had a manzana watching midgets getting banged in rollerblades
by Ryan44 January 14, 2008
(Fabulous Eli Forever)

An abbreviation for people that love Eli Manning.

Also used to describe greatness, like beating the previously undefeated Patriots in Superbowl 42.
Hey Rick, Superbowl 42 was totally FEF!!
I know Mike, it WAS FEF!!!

Man, that hottie is FEF!!!
by Ryan44 April 09, 2008

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