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A person of long experience in a particular field.

For example,
(a) A military veteran
(b) A forum veteran
(c) A political veteran
(a) My great-granddaddy was a motorcycle messenger with the armed forces in France during WWII.

(b) Bob is a forum veteran, because he's been a member of RaGEZONE for years, since like, forever...

(c) William Lyon Mackenzie King was a political veteran. He was the longest serving Prime Minister in the history of The Commonwealth.
by Ryan3932 May 29, 2011
A Portmanteau of "Chicken" and "Humanoid." Humanoid is a term defined as "having human form or characteristics" and is often used in Sci-Fi shows such as Star Trek. Chicken is, well, chicken... And the taste of X is often compared to that of the taste of Chicken: "Tastes like Chicken!" Thus a chickenoid is meat that "tastes like chicken," but comes from a completely different animal.

Person A: Mmm, snake steak!

Person B: Eww...

Person A: What? Snake tastes like chicken!

Person B: Huh, I never knew snakes were chickenoids...

Person A: Wtf...?

Person B: It's called UrbanDictionary... Use it...

Person A: .......
by Ryan3932 September 08, 2010
From the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a veteran is an old soldier of long service. A forum veteran (often just called a veteran or a vet; plural veterans or vets) is simply a member of an online community that has stuck around in that community for a long time and is usually quite knowledgeable regarding the community's members, history, etc.

Furthermore, forum veterans are often characterized as having fairly large post counts and being highly respected and/or well-known within their community (the latter depending on the size of said community).

Also, in some communities they are referred to as old-timers (especially after they refer to past events being "back in the day," etc)...
Bob is a forum veteran, because he's been a member of RaGEZONE for years, since like, forever...
by Ryan3932 May 29, 2011
A combination of FML (Fuck My Life) and LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off), to be used when your life is shit, but somehow you find it funny even though it sucks .
Person 1: Someone stole my bank pin and now I'm out 5k

Person 2: Are you serious? Fail.

Person 3: Yeah, fmlmao much, lol.
by Ryan3932 January 07, 2010
The shortform for hate. Also written ha8, h@t3, h8zor, h8z0r, h8n3ss, h8@r1ff1c, and more.
Person A: Yeahhhh... Ummm... I kinda... Ummm...

Person B: You "kinda ummm" what...?

Person A: You should now that... Your girlfriend... Well...

Person B: What about my girlfriend?!?!?!

Person A: She's... a slut... And I fucked her... hard

*long, awkward silence*

Person B: YOU WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU ASSHOLE I FUCKING H8 YOU GO BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Person A: Sorry...?

Person B: *RAGE strangles Person A*
by Ryan3932 September 16, 2010

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