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When your in a chatroom people might tell you "pc me" which means private chat me. So only you and the person can talk.
BlondeCrzyGal:heyy zac pc me
DeadChicken789:blah blah
Litterbug2321:blah blah
by Ryan Woods January 13, 2008
fake uggs. the ones the wannabee bitches have.such as bearpaws and emus.

Sam: Ughh its raining and water is getting in my uggs!

Christine: No hun those are just fuggs.
by Ryan Woods January 16, 2008
a poser who wears all the latest clothes for skating or surfing. and they could be assholes sometimes. they r really gay and they dont know shit about skating or surfing.but they can be really hot sometimes.
Kelly: ohhhh whos that guy??? does he skate???

Matt: thats just a kook and he cant skate for shit.
by Ryan Woods January 20, 2008

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