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To go for a night out away from your home town without having anywhere to stay the night, meaning that you have to Pull a chick and stay at her place or die of cold when sleeping rough.
Basically named after the most basic rule of parachuting.

-"You fancy coming to Leeds with us tonight? The train leaves Preston at 7 tonight"

-"Yeah, I'm up for that, where we crashing though?"

-"Fuck that mate, we're all going Parachute Rules"

-"Shit! Pull or die? Better go and put a vest on just in case!!"
by Ryan W Jones October 27, 2006
Term describing a really hot or stunning girl.

Taken from WWF wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's finishing move, the Stone Cold Stunner.
-"Have you seen Dan's new girl"

-"Yeah mate she's Stone Cold!"
by Ryan W Jones October 27, 2006
Term meaning a hot girl who isn't yet old enough. also known as jailbait.
Semi rhyming slang taken from the football player Freddie Ljungberg's name. (Prenounced Young-berg).
-Mate! Check out that next girl over there.
-No way mate, she's a Freddie Youngbird.

-How did it go with that girl last night?
-Mate, I had to duck that one! She said she was 18 but one of my boys told me that she's only 15.
-No way man, she was stone cold, can't believe she was a Freddie
by Ryan W Jones October 27, 2006
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