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originally derived from the process of sharing a cigarette on the terms of three puffs a piece.
"hey Welchy you wanna go outside for tree ups man?"
by Ryan Salisbury March 14, 2008
Wangerdeen is a term referring to ectasy, it is used throughout the brisbane drug community. It was derived from wangers, which is also used to refer to ectasy
Dude i got on the wangerdeens last night i was smashed!
by Ryan Salisbury December 19, 2007
The word wendal is used throughout the pine rivers area to describe a penis, especially that of a sizeable penis.
Man that guy Reece has a huge wendal
by Ryan Salisbury December 19, 2007
Rip ins basically refers to marijuana, (the weed itself or the smoking of it).
You watch when bobby comes over tonight he always has a coke, then before long he will pull out the rip ins and he will he and I will both get stoned. I will be a monkey mess.
by Ryan Salisbury March 20, 2008

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