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When you don't get laid for awhile, your in a slump. So you screw a girl that you would not be seen in public with unless you were intoxicated.
Yo Banksta!!! that girl last night was a SlumpBuster!!! I bet she was happy this morning when she seen you!!! LOL
by Ryan Ren a.k.a. Lil 'RR' August 28, 2008
It is a wonderful combination of vodka, beer, gatorade and energy drinks. When drank it brings out the ness in people example: hotness, slutness, orgyness, horneyness, freakness, nastyness etc. Similar to jungle juice but better.
As soon as the girls thug-nastyness kicked it sure brought out their slutness and horneyness.
by Ryan Ren a.k.a. Lil 'RR' May 28, 2009
when a girl just licks your taint, the sensation is amazing, while one of her hands jacks you off
that girl gave me a killer taintjob last night
by Ryan Ren a.k.a. Lil 'RR' August 28, 2008
that is a friend that gets wasted every single time you go out and acts like an asshole by degrading women, men, bouncers also blackouts out all the time and gets kicked out of bars. (these people should have a full time babysister)
wow were you the butchrenski of last night.
by Ryan Ren a.k.a. Lil 'RR' August 28, 2008

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