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1. noun: someone who really fucks things up - derived from the term "spanner in the works".
Dude, if you weren't such a spanner, things'd still be alright now.
by Ryan Paine December 27, 2007
An exclamation used when something's gone mildly wrong - based on the idea that Homer Simpson works in Sector 7-G at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and is always causing crises.
Colleague one: Sector 7-G!

Colleague two: What!? What!?

Colleague one: Dude, I totally just accidentally forwarded all that scathing correspondence to that arsehole in sales.
by Ryan Paine April 06, 2008
Phrase describing a situation that isn't very good, but could be worse.
How was your holiday visiting your grandma?

Better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick.
by Ryan Paine March 24, 2008
1. verb/simile. To be working really hard, or so under the pump that you've found yourself dehydrated.

2. verb/simile. (sarcastic) Doing nothing at all.
1. How are ya, mate?
Oh, dude, I'm flat out like a lizard drinking.
Up for a brewskie later then?
Yeah, for sure.

2. How are ay, mate?
Oh, dude, I'm flat out like a lizard drinking.
Yeah righto, come out for a brewskie then.
Orright, seeya in a sec.
by Ryan Paine February 15, 2008
Any person, particularly a motorcyclist, driving erratically on the road, endangering their own life.
Father and son driving through the Adelaide Hills:

Motorcyclist: Vroom!

Father: There goes another temporary Australian, son.

Son: Cool!
by Ryan Paine March 29, 2008
1. verb. vomiting, walking and doubling-over at the same time characterised by causing the arms to swing out in front of the person to resemble the action of pushing a wheelbarrow.
Ha ha, check out that dude, he's pushing the bitumen wheelbarrow bigtime!

Did he get any on his shoes?
by Ryan Paine February 08, 2008
1. noun. formal copy repeated in correspondence or regular issues of a book or magazine.
When you're sending that eviction notice, just put all the formal gumpf in at the top and then tell them they're lazy pigs and we have a sty that might suit them better.

Where do I find that imprint gumpf on the server? I need to set this book yesterday.
by Ryan Paine January 17, 2008

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