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How to thank someone who doesn't deserve the 'S' at the end of 'Thanks' or the 'You' at the end of 'Thank you.' A sarcastic 'Thank you'.
"I moved your car, but it got towed."

by Ryan P. Cooke December 01, 2007
On the verge of defecating.
Bob, I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got a waffle in the toaster.
by Ryan P. Cooke July 26, 2008
(noun) The Fly of your pants or shorts.
Linda: "Jim, can I have your wallet?"
Jim: "Yeah, it's in my middle pocket with the zipper."
by Ryan P. Cooke August 02, 2008
Being in desperate search for a good time . Hungry for fun.
Bob, this is bad. I'm so fungry I could even go out and join the circus right now.
by Ryan P. Cooke July 27, 2008

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