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one who emerges from a previously depraved or defiled state
\dih-BOWCH-er; -BOOSH-er\
The deboucher was not without shame when the HR department conducted a background check.
by Ryan O'Connor December 22, 2006
any nasty looking goop or substance that may induce nausea
Ms. Martini shrieked when she discovered that her hand had been thrusted in malayonaise.
by Ryan O'Connor December 22, 2006
a measurable unit of maniacal tendency
Corina had to undergo electric shock therapy due to her cerebral cortex expressing an excess quantity of maniagrams.
by Ryan O'Connor December 22, 2006
a cowardly con-artist; includes both players and hacks; (plural, 'the slinksters': refers to the slinkster union)
The slinkster shirked his responsibilities at work to snoop around his girlfriend's apartment when she wasn't there.
by Ryan O'Connor December 22, 2006
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