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The remaining crumbs of bread, english muffins, and bagels, that lie in the bottom of the toaster, found by pulling out the little tray or turning the toaster upside down to shake out the crumbs. A white trash topping for soups or salads made popular on the television series Married With Children.
Peg Bundy: "Al, how come you never make me breakfast?"
Al Bundy: "I would, Peg, but all we have is milk and toaster shakins."
by Ryan Miziker February 27, 2007
The fine, grainy stuff underneath a pizza, at the bottom of the cardboard pizza box.
"Is there any pizza left?"
"No. Just a piece of crust, and some pizza sand."
by Ryan Miziker June 16, 2006
Engaged to be married, happily married, or married with children, as in a storybook ending. To be removed from the pool of eligible people to date.
Guy: Did you see Cori last night? She is looking fine!
Friend: Don't even bother, bro... she's happily ever after.
by Ryan Miziker January 27, 2007
Serious, or seriously. A substitute for the joke word "cereal" in place of saying serious. It is a reference to George Clooney's dramatic film about Middle East oil politics called Syriana.
"I heard they had guns."
"Yeah, it's that syriana, bro."

"That girl is so hot!"
by Ryan Miziker March 01, 2007

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