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Some things are sick (the good kind) others are beauties, some things are sick beauties, or sick fuckin beauties. People who like to drink to excess and become raging, rambling, stupid drunk. They also make complete asses of themselves at the expense of their own, or others dignity. The stories told of sick beauties will last for years and become the things of legend.

It may also be the craziest, usually the drunkest, but it is the one person who everyone realizes as the drunk of the party.
When someone consumes so much alcohol throughout a day or preferably a weekend and is known as the drunk of the weekend.

"Did you see how wasted that guy was all weekend?"
"Yeah man, he's a sick fuckin beauty!"
"I know!"

"Oh my god did you see how drunk Cole was this weekend?"
"What a sick beauty he was!"
by Ryan MacRae February 05, 2007

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