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Wanker Muffin:--- A derogatory term used to define A nympho and chronic masturbator whom you are playfully joking with. Wanker being the derogatory term, and muffin being the cute addon for which to minimalize the offense of the term.
(while talking to his friend Kayla..) I don't wanna go out with you, you little Wanker Muffin.
by Ryan Kyger October 05, 2006
An elusive beast usually only found either within the confines of pizzarias or the quiet comfortable seclusion of a couch. Diet consists mostly of Fupa and pubic hairs. With an occasional tissue used to clean up masturbation leftovers which it cleverly hides beneath it's domicile. (the couch) When this creature comes out of hibernation, it usually tends to frequent such homosexual spots such as "C-Street"
That guy is one scary ass Ludington.
by Ryan Kyger October 06, 2006

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