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A school located in Riverside, California. Apart of the UC system and has amazing professors, facilities, and programs. Catches a bad rep for having low admissions standards in the past. Known for it's commitment to underserved, disadvantaged communities and having a diverse student population. A school improving in reputation in all facets of education. Shit on by insecure people.
The Washington Monthly ranked UCR 16th in the United States in terms of social mobility, research and community service, while US News and World Report ranked UCR's undergraduate program 94th in the nation (out of 368 colleges) based on peer assessment, student selectivity, financial resources, and other factors. U.S. News ranks UCR as the third most ethnically diverse and, by the number of undergraduates receiving Pell Grants (42 percent), the 15th most economically diverse student body in the nation. UCR's extensive outreach and retention programs have contributed to its reputation as a "campus of choice" for minority students, including LGBT students. In 2005, UCR became the first public university campus in the nation to offer a gender-neutral housing option.
by Ryan Kime February 23, 2011

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