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The one game that can leave a person screaming at the television for several hours.
ov goat vo playing halo 2 online 11:45pm
ov goat vo playing later that night 12:20am
by Ryan Joseph Steele June 08, 2007
fucking your girlfriend in the hot tub while she is on her period,and, or poping her cherie in the process.
all hail the mighty the mighty satan. blood bath.
by Ryan Joseph Steele June 23, 2007
The way a group of friends retardly pick on stupid rangers of a camp site in-order to get the attention of the state police. Many dont get caught because park rangers are easily confused.
late at night
majesty 17dude theres one right now
other guylets go throw so total volume on that queer
majesty 17go get a burnt hotdog i've got an idea
(30 seconds later)"the chase begins!"
by Ryan Joseph Steele March 27, 2007
This term means to yell at some hot bitches down the street of your hood. Some do this with a gangsta love attitude, if you will. Most people do this to a so called "Butterhead" because "Butterheads" are known to have a nice ass.
"yo... look at dat butterhead down the street, lets halla at dat bitch"
"hey bitch!... wanna suck my ballz?"
"yo... you have a great ass... halla"
by Ryan Joseph Steele March 21, 2007

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