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a seemingly innocent female by appearance, but secretly she leads a very permiscous lifestyle.
I would have never guessed that church girl back home to be a "closet whore."
by Ryan Harris March 06, 2005
a woman's vaginal juices which flow during sexual stimulation.
your yak butter has a not so pleasant odor.
by Ryan Harris January 31, 2004
Cousin to cankle but related to hands and wrists. Oversized wrists that are fat and thick just like cankle refers to the ankle.
You are so fat that your ankles are cankles.

You are even fatter you can not fit any watch on those hankles.

by Ryan Harris October 22, 2004
Something that pwns, rocks, kicks ass in a hardcore way. It's origins are lost but it is believed that it started somewhere in East Jersey. opposite of "memorybox"
"yo, that band was pretty murderscene"
"i'm pretty murderscene at bowling"
by Ryan Harris March 15, 2005
An extremely ugly face with a nice body to average body. A girl whose face looks like it has been hit with bag of nickels. Just remeber the movie the mask, extremely painfully ugly.
That girl is so nice but that mask is tough. She reminds of that kid from movie the MASK.

The girl was banging but she has a bag of nickels for a face, straight masking yo.
by Ryan Harris October 22, 2004
Something that is softcore, lacks pwnage. opposite of murderscene.
"yo, why did you tap that other guys ass, that was pretty memorybox dude"
stop being so memorybox"
by Ryan Harris March 15, 2005

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