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When one of your friends gets loaded, you pull down his pants in back and lay a hotdog in his buttcrack. It is usually garnished with ketchup and mustard.
When Steve passes out, we're totally going to ballpark frank him. When he wakes up, he is gonna be PISSED.
by Ryan Harline October 12, 2007
Taking someone's bag of bread when they aren't looking; farting in it, and sealing it back up.
Man, I hope that guy makes a sandwich with the Sara Lee I left him... and contracts dysentary.
by Ryan Harline October 12, 2007
Going to the barbershop and getting a bag full of hair and waiting until your friend, who is a notoriously frequent masturbater, passes out and glueing the hair onto his palms with Super Glue
Man, my girlfriend got pregnant just sitting on Dave's couch.I took 4 showers and still feel like I've been rummaging in the dumpster behind a porn theater. Next time we go drinking I'm going to give him the old Hair Em Scare Em.
by Ryan Harline October 12, 2007
Farting in a girl's purse when she's not paying attention.
Man, I've been eating salami today and I've given her about 3 Coaches tonight. Her wallet is gonna smell somethin' fierce.
by Ryan Harline October 12, 2007
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