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When you screw something up beyond repair
god mike you sure shruded that presentation today.
by Ryan Girard January 19, 2010
the act of being a chubbist
im tired of all the chubbism that takes place here, im leaving
by Ryan Girard January 18, 2010
Some one who is discriminates against chubby people
you just like her because she is skinny, you're a chubbist!
by Ryan Girard January 18, 2010
in the Mormon practice when a male inserts his genitalia into a female with out the in and out motion of normal intercourse which Mormons believe not to be loosing their virginity.
Hey sally my parents are at the temple come over so we can baste... I sure do love Basting you.
by Ryan Girard June 17, 2011

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