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1.The term yellow bird represents not only your true love but also love in general. In this sense of the term you shouldn't forget about the yellow bird, or true love, as when you stop believing in love you end up hurting those around you.

2.The yellow bird represents both the person you were with and the connection that you felt with them.

3.The warm yellow light, the happiness, between two people in love.

4.A common reference in Bright Eyes songs based off of a song by the folk artist Simon Joyner. This song speaks about how when you have this connection with your yellow bird your actions hurt them even when you aren't together.
"Don't forget that yellow bird"
by Ryan Fin February 25, 2007
A Silver wreath is a metaphor to represent a place where love can be found. The term is based on another metaphor used by Bright Eyes, the term yellow bird. The connection is drawn in the fact that wreaths are actually made up of sticks and such which birds use for their homes. The silver wreath is a representation of having your heart open and allowing your true love and you to build your home around it.
"She took a small silver wreath and pinned it onto me, she said this one will bring you love"
by Ryan Fin February 25, 2007
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