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In the literal sense, any woman who will perform sexual favors to acquire the drug cocaine. In a figurative sense, any person who will sacrifice a portion of themselves (I.E. morals, ethics, time, money, or status) to acquire any amount of cocaine.
Coke whores are women who wait around for durations of time to obtain the drug

Coke whores are people who move from party to party to find a source of cocaine, despite their original plans.

Coke whores are any person who will steal for cocaine

Coke whores are any person who will perform a sex act to acquire cocaine
by Ryan Douglas November 07, 2007
Slang term for becoming drunk. It is usually uttered by a person who is surprised by a swift onsetting of intoxication, but proud of the result.
John: How you feeling, Rob?
Rob: Getting Boozy, John.

or as a question and answer...

John: Getting boozy?
Rob: Getting boozy.
by Ryan Douglas November 07, 2007
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