16 definitions by Ryan Dawson

1. lameness, stupidity, baseness
I saw the new Pauly shore movie in all its lame-itude.
by Ryan Dawson January 03, 2005
see: fly, tight
That dunk was flazoy.
by Ryan Dawson June 06, 2005
expression of sympathy

see that sucks
"My car exploded."
by Ryan Dawson January 03, 2005

Literally: In reference to an impact of any kind, used jokingly to express disbelief in magnitude of force.

Figuratively: References a mess or inextricably confused situation.
My girlfriend heard something from someone else who was spreading rumors about me, and now she doesn't believe me when I try to deny the rumors. Plus, my mom tried to have me arrested for wearing my older brother's shirt, so that doesn't help my credibility. Explode-o-tron.
by Ryan Dawson January 03, 2005
1. to depart
see blaze
All right. Let's burn.
by Ryan Dawson January 09, 2005
1. to leave - usually in a car
Yo, man, let's blaze.
by Ryan Dawson January 09, 2005
A woman who is extremely sexually attractive.
More correctly used in reference to powerfully built women.
See: brick house, built like a brick shithouse
That girl just bowled me over, man. She's fuckin really hot. Fuck. She's a powerhouse.
by Ryan Dawson October 18, 2005

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