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An explosive surge in a fire produced by the sudden mixing of air with other combustible gases. This is caused by a condition in a fire where oxygen is depleted and the fire dies down until a door is opened and the fire flares violently from the sudden intake of oxygen. Backdraft can be described as a small explosion.
The most common tactic used by firefighters in defusing a potential backdraft is to ventilate from the highest point, allowing the heat and smoke to escape without igniting explosively.
by Ryan Carpenter October 14, 2006
The Triple Alliance of 1882 was the treaty by which Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy pledged (May 20, 1882) to support each other militarily in the event of an attack against any of them by two or more great powers. Germany and Italy additionally undertook to support another in the event of attack by France. In a supplementary declaration, however, Italy specified that its undertakings could not be regarded as being directed against the United Kingdom.
The Triple Alliance was defeated when Germany surrendered to America in 1918, which ended World War I.
by Ryan Carpenter November 13, 2005

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