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3 definitions by Ryan Cantu

A really good pounding on a girls vagina. To really just fuck the shit out of a girls vertical smile.
"Man, I sure would like to give that chic a good punch in the pants".
by Ryan Cantu September 30, 2006
23 14
Discribing a period of time when you are completly surrounded by chics. clam
Lets go to the titty bars tonight, last Friday it was a total clam beach and smelled like one too.
by Ryan Cantu September 30, 2006
8 1
To really pound a girl in the paints. When a girl grows out hair on her pubic region it looks like a little wig. So if she is lucky, she might get it split.
Girl if you keep acting like that I'm going to take you in the back and "Split your Wig".
by Ryan Cantu November 11, 2007
14 82