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Executives, Officers and Board Members of Incorporated and general business entities who hide behind articles of Incorporation or Law to shelter profits gained by ill-gotten means from large numbers of subsequently disenfranchised and disparaged individuals, resulting in economic recession and depression.

These members also include politicians who bail-out, pardon and shelter these offenders from severe and harsh punishments; sometimes also partaking in the gains either through political contributions, insider information, or kickbacks for sheltering Economic Terrorists.

Economic Terrorism is the act of disparaging and disenfranchising mass numbers of individuals in an economy through deceptive, unethical and illegitimate practices while in a position of public confidence or trust, for greed and personal gain.

Economic Terrorism, and not holding such terrorists accountable, has an end result of anarchy as people are taught it is acceptable to commit crimes without repercussion to ensure personal survival at the expense of others, irrespective of the rules and society's morals (degradation of an orderly society's morals through sinful means such as greed).
Names of known Economic Terrorists (mostly American Economy)

(Enron) Kenneth Lay, Jeffrey Skilling, Andrew Fastow

(MCI-WorldCom) Bernard Ebbers, Scott Sullivan, David Myers, Buford Yates

(Tyco) Dennis Kozlowski, Mark H. Swartz

(KPMG) Domenick DeGiorgio, David Amir Makov, David Greenberg, David Rivkin, Robert Pfaff, John Larson

(Adelphia) John Rigas, Timothy Rigas

Bear Stearns (Alan D. Schwartz - P&CEO, Warren Spector)

(Arthur Andersen LLP) David Duncan, Nancy Temple

American Home Mortgage Investment Corporation (Michael Strauss, P&CEO)

(Global Crossing) Gary Winnick, Thomas Casey, Dan Cohrs, Joseph Perrone

(Silverado Savings and Loan) Neil Bush (son of former President George HW Bush, and brother of our stupidest president in the last 100 years, President George W. Bush)

(Societe Generale) Jerome Kerviel (France, Future's Trader)

This is not an all-inclusive list; some names may still be in question pending legal outcomes, or lack thereof through political shielding mentioned, although are implicated in documentation and through legal testimony.
by Ryan Boyd-Hanson March 19, 2008

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