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One of the 50 states in the united states. Michigan has a lot of tourism, beaches, campgrounds, and they have the Petoskey stone which is a cool rock.

Also theres lots of dramatic weather changes.
Dad: We are going on a trip to michigan kids

Mom: take the jackets and the swim suits, its supposed to be 80 on tuesday, and 43 and rainy on tuesday.
by Ryan B. (Apple Oinker) July 28, 2008
The amount of Sexy you have
Allison, the amount of sexiness you have is 11 on our 1-10 sexiness chart.
by Ryan B. (Apple Oinker) August 11, 2008
Shortened meaning of the word Dick.

Refering to the males genital organ, the penis.
My dik got big when i saw that porno.

Josh's dik is only 2 centimeters long.

A female doctor gave me my physical, and my dik got big.

by Ryan B. (Apple Oinker) August 11, 2008
A retarded website where you make up your own meanings for words. Usually these words contain Sexual content in them.
21. Kelly 12 up 3 down

Definition: Slutty hooker that sucks dick and swallows cum

Example: That girl is such a Kelly.
by Ryan B. (Apple Oinker) August 16, 2008
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