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A term used to express annoyance
You are becoming a real thorn in my balls!
#balls #annoyance #thorn #angry #pissed off
by Ryan A April 26, 2006
A morning fart so foul, that the person next to you has no other option but to leave the room and make the breakfast
John was always able to perform a breakfast maker when it was really neccessary
#fart #morning #smelly #arse #breakfast
by Ryan A April 26, 2006
The collective noun for a group of girls who are generous with their affections
Man 1 : "Fancy going to a cheap low profile club tonight?"
Man 2 : "Yeah ok, Romeo from So Solid Crew or some equally tactless D List Celebrity will be there, there's bound to be a few Slaggles there to get our freak on with"
#slag #whore #noun #group #sluts
by Ryan A April 26, 2006
A generic term used for people who listen to Indie Music and buy their "Rock" clothes at River Island, Top Shop or other similiar clothing stores.
Hollyoak's is full of Top Shop Rockers
#indie #topshop #hollyoaks #rocker #clones
by Ryan A April 26, 2006
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