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A female, usually a teenager or young adult, who, when insulted, will reply verbally. This is typically achieved by insulting the original insulter (otherwise known as 'hollering back', shortened in this case to 'hollaback').

This term was popularized by Gwen Stefani, a female vocalist who once performed lead vocals for a rather good band, No Doubt. Gwen has since gone solo, which people either love or hate, depending on how much they suckle upon the mainstream teet.

In her song "Hollaback Girl", Gwen proclaims, when challenged by another girl (even though Gwen can hardly be described as a girl) through insults, that she "Ain't no hollaback girl". This is because Gwen is not a girl, but a woman, isn't going to stand for this, and is going to settle it physically.

(Note: The song, from this point, degrades into the usual Gwen Stefani lyrics: pointless, annoying, and unbearably catchy).
Provided with links to other definitions one might need to understand the situation:

Me: "Miss, excuse me, may I bother you for a moment of your time?"
Idiotic Stefani Follower: "Tru 'dat, wat you be frontin' dawg?"
Me: "I find your lack of gramatical skills, disrespect for the English language, and horrible taste in music appalling."
Idiot, again: "Awwwww hell naw! I kno' you diddin' jus' diss my ass like 'dat. I'm 'boutta cotton candy 'dat ass, I ain't naw hollaback girl."
Me: ":("
by Ryan "Sephylight" Walker June 04, 2005
Best line from Pulp Fiction.
English, motherfucker! Do- You- Speak- It?
by Ryan "Sephylight" Walker August 27, 2006

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