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the biggest rip-off in the history of U.S. government
The IRS folks tried to jack 5 grand off my bank account
by Ryan "Homie G" October 05, 2003
To move much quicker than the normal pace
General: How far is Delta Company from the crash site?
Soldier: 8 blocks, sir.
General: We need to haul ass!
by Ryan "Homie G" May 30, 2005
to keep something a secret, don't tell no one. The same thing as DOWN LOW
He is hiding Mac 10's on his garage, thats why he on the low.
by Ryan "Homie G" October 05, 2003
1) When stroking your raging boner, your thumb touches the base of your wang first as opposed to the normal grip where the pinky touches the base first.
2) a.k.a. the European grip
With proper manipulation the euro grip can make the sensation more intense
by Ryan "Homie G" September 05, 2004
Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunn, but I don't know who is dumber of the two.
Lloyd Christmas: Well suck me sideways!
by Ryan "Homie G" January 26, 2004
the stuff that makes you crap almost instantly
Put some X lax on your boss' coffee!
by Ryan "Homie G" October 05, 2003
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