671 definitions by Ryan

Ryan Himmelheber made woobla heard its a word of me saying woobla means nothing at all
woobla is ryans word.
by ryan January 17, 2004
Jamaican patois meaning blood clot. One of the worst expletive in Jamaican language.
Yo, go suck your mother you fucking bumbaclot.
by Ryan April 22, 2005
a song that will ferrel uses to describe love...
love is like... well here
*sings afternoon delight*
by ryan January 05, 2005
the sound poop would make were it to come out of your mouth
HOOOOOPLAAAAHH (best said with a gay twang)
by Ryan March 07, 2003
A creature of the green blob family, most closely related to the Ass Goblin . Feasts on the discarded placenta and uteran lining of hot american women between 14 and 50. Lives a fufilled life in alleigence with Dallas rock band Next Day Fight, forever engaged battle with its mortal enemy The YeastMaster .
That Pac-Menstrate bent that bitch right the fuck over. BaBam!
by ryan April 17, 2003
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