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672 definitions by Ryan

Can be used as a compliment.
Dude, your car is so poosh.
by Ryan March 18, 2004
3 31
Eye product that gives you fungus and you will be permanently blind if you use this, or you will need an corneal transplant.
I have serious irritation and redness in my eye, it is from ReNu.
by Ryan June 29, 2006
27 56
A poker term for a straqight A,2,3,4,5. Also known as the wheel
In a High-Lo game the wheel wins both the High and the Lo.
by Ryan September 18, 2004
21 50
slang for cocaine

Definition must have at least 20 letters and 3 words
im tryin to get some weed but everybodys hooked on that ick
by Ryan March 30, 2005
3 33
Renee A. from Bourg LA
"Wow, that girl Renee is really beautiful"
by Ryan February 18, 2005
4 34
A righteous dickslap to the face
scooby snack haiku:
here's a scooby snack
gotta keep my pimp hand strong
where's my money, ho?
by ryan September 14, 2004
15 45
Big gold metal guy in Chrono Trigger who can punch the shit out of enemies very fast once you learn that technique.
He can unlock stuff in 2300 AD
by ryan April 29, 2004
27 58