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672 definitions by Ryan

whoever the fuck said babys momma is a dumbass, its birth mother
Although living with her father and step-mother, her BM is still alive and living in LA.
by ryan September 06, 2004

Abbreviated form for POOP MY PANTS.

Word originated by one: Ryan Lee.
Commonly used by a mr. Rob Hill.
PMP!!! That was the god damn funniest thing I have evar seen, you fagot!1
by Ryan August 04, 2003
when a gils takes it in the ass by at least ten guys, then lets their hot cum drip out of her ass, then puts it in a cup and drinks it
this bitch named lynsie salazar hella gave me and my friends a niagra falls
by RYan January 04, 2005
A kick ass hardcore/emo band hailing from Brampton Ontario, i suggest you check them out.
Wheels On The Bus sure played a good show last night
by Ryan November 25, 2004
another word for dumb ass
ryan, your such a durp.
by ryan November 26, 2003
A sexual position where only the index, middle, and pinky fingers are used. The first two fingers are inserted into the vagina and the remaining one is shoved up the ass.
Chris Miller: I just want to give that woman the "Triceratops."
Us: Shut up, Miller
by Ryan November 14, 2003
Brooke's vagina.
Codey is going to sink his shank into Brooke's Scabbard
by Ryan November 07, 2003