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a silly dance done by a black person
Look at the BUSTA on the dance flo', hes bustin a nig jig!
by ryan January 26, 2005
A thinly-disguised word that means the same as Tits.
Jacob: So, do you like tats?
Ryan: You betcha. I like them a lot.
by Ryan October 26, 2004
A store with goth/punk-esque attire. In most cases, a lot of the merchandise is overpriced, but I still shop there occasionally. A lot of people don't like it, because they think everyone who shops there wants to be a "rebel", goth, punk, or any other preferred label of your choice, but some people shop there because they like the clothes at Hot Topic better than clothes at other stores (i.e. Abercrombie, Abercrombie and Fitch, Banana Republic, etc.).

On a side not, people who argue over or make fun of Hot Topic and it's shoppers need to get a life or a hobby. Fast.
I just bought this The Beatles shirt at Hot Topic.
by Ryan May 07, 2005
an alias for one luke hansen, often the focus of such phrases as "if you wanted you could seduce a nun into bed" and "if you wanted too, you could seduce GODZILLA into bed"
so i was talking to eggjob, and he was like

eggjob: ....nobody but us is ever going to read this
by ryan July 22, 2004
A black person, although black on the outside has the personality and appearance of a white person.
Ho Ho, Ding Dong, Robert Williams.
by Ryan March 21, 2005
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