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672 definitions by Ryan

Noise showing a random walk behavior, as in Brownian motion. It has a 1/f^2 frequency spectrum. It has nothing to do with crapping your pants. Try learning some physics....
You guys are retarded for thinking a brown noise can make you crap your pants.
by Ryan October 19, 2004
A social gathering that involves many females. There are only a few males present at a clam fest, thus making them more appealing to the abundance of females.
oh man! erik, you totally should have come to that party last night! it was a clam fest!
by Ryan June 18, 2004
Also known as daddy-son sex. Gay sex with an older man, often includes role playing.
I picked up this hot silver-haired man and we had hot daddy sex all night long.
by Ryan November 27, 2004
A part of the chaos theory that states that one small change in a situation(expieramental noise) can drastically change the outcome of an event. Butterfly comes from the example of the flap of a butterfly's wing altering the atmosphere around it causing(or preventing) a major event somewhere else.

Also a movie with that Ashton Cootchie
Example 1: The Butterfly effect is a cool mathematical theory.

Example 2: The Butterfly effect was supposedly based on Chaos Theroy although there is no correlation whatsoever.
by Ryan July 26, 2004
the greatest girl in the world. She's the hottest, nicest, koolest, and sexiest girl ever.
Keli makes me horny
by ryan April 25, 2004
Short for the name Ryan.
Ry come here its time for dinner.
by Ryan August 15, 2004
You know girl poo when you smell it. It's distinctly feminine. The same stink as shit, with a slight smell of natural perfume or fragrance mixed in.
Someone was just in the bathroom; all I can smell is girl poo.
by Ryan November 27, 2004