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672 definitions by Ryan

Created solely as an attempt to display the author's intellectual prowess though actually void of real pith; intellectualism as style rather than substance. Often relies on heavy name dropping and erudite, obscure terminology instead of easily understood, common words.
As much as I like DJ Spooky, when he starts talking on the CD I always skip the tracks to avoid his long pseudointellectual musings.
by Ryan March 09, 2005
Fixing to (do) something

-->Fixin' ta ---> Fina
I'm fina go play ball.
by Ryan June 14, 2006
The best emo band ever known that put on an awsome show ever time they play which is totally kick ass. Also can make a concert good even if the other bands are as bad as Simple Plan or Hole or some other shitty band
Wow Taking Back Sundays new album hasn't even come out yet, and I already love it!
by ryan August 31, 2004
Going crazy, being wild, just doing anything
Partyin hard as hell.
by Ryan December 10, 2003
The black sheep of the Kennedy family.
Ted Kennedy is a fat, babbling, drunken liberal bastard who is an embarrassment not only to his family, but to every Democrat as well. He's hard to understand sometimes when he's making public speeches. That is usually because he's doing it after drinking half the inventory in a liqour store.
Ted Kennedy woke up one morning after a long night of heavy boozing. He looked over, and his liver was sitting beside him drinking a cup of coffee.
by Ryan August 13, 2004
A fire-person who is overly enthusiastic about the fireservice.
For example the guy with way too many blue lights on his truck or the guy who always wears gay fire shirts.
by Ryan March 30, 2004
1. A card game for adolescents or young adults.
2. A prick/rude son-of-a-bitch who treats EVERYONE like they are beneath them. Doesn't care if he hurts someone's feelings.
3. Somebody from L.A., New York City, Detroit, France, Fort Wayne, Indiana; also any people who go to Harvard, Rednecks from the South, and a few bastards from Canada.
4. One cavity that many drug traffickers hide their shipment in.
5. What you are if you constantly cheat on your wife and beat your kids.
6. What to use when removing waste from the body; see shit or feces
7. Can be used as a means of entertaining people in various places.
Everyone I ever knew from Fort Wayne was a rude asshole. They always treated me like dirt for doing NOTHING to them. I hate those son of a bitch rat bastards.
by Ryan September 16, 2004