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Noun. When a man has sexual intercourse with a female during the peak of menstration, he then pulls out his drenched penis and inserts it into the females mouth leaving a red ring of blood around her lips.
Either Jenna got some new lipstick or she is on her period, cause it looks like she got the blood ring of death.
by Ryan, Batman October 07, 2007
Two consecutive bowel movements left simutanously by two individuals in a single toilet or container without a flush. Left marinating for the next person to find.
Hey, I wil give you $10 if you can go stand in that bathroom stall and suck it up for 5 minutes. Joe and I just gave it a Double Tubber, be careful.
by Ryan, Batman December 23, 2006
When a male ejaculates into a partners belly button, causing it to fill up with sperm. Then proceeds to put his mouth on the individuals navel and suck the sperm out of it like a body shot.
Are you ready for me to fill that navel up? Because I am feeling like a salty taste of my own man shot! Its time for a salty navel!!
by Ryan, Batman December 09, 2007

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