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18 definitions by Ryan Y

A spinoff of rofl. Just another way of saying "rolling on the floor laughing."

rofl sandwich is derived from roflmao being interpreted as "roffle mayo" as in "roffle mayonnaise".
i'll have a rofl sandwich, hold the mao.
by ryan y February 23, 2005
10 2
A spinnoff of pwn derived from the english word "telephone", telepwn is used to mark the impending action of pwning.
telepwn call for you.
by ryan y February 23, 2005
11 3
an imaginary lever you pull while burning someone.
alex: you suck!
ryan: your mom!
alex mimicking a large lever being pulled: OH BURN! BURN LEVER!!
by ryan y April 27, 2005
1 3
Slang common in the state of Washington. Short for "gang of".
There's a ganga geese!
by ryan y February 23, 2005
7 100