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6 definitions by RyGuy

The act of a man urinating while standing without touching the penis.
Guy1: "Why didn't you wash your hands?"
Guy2: "It's ok, I was flying without wings."
by ryguy January 21, 2004
An award consisting of a lettuce trophy given to internet forum posters for posting complete garbage.

See also ROD, Superbeaner
That guy made no sense! Give him the ROD Award.
by Ryguy February 20, 2005
The act of sitting in an arena on a weak character, getting killed, then coming back as a strong character to kill the assailent.
1. I was bored so I decided to pull a subchess in vale.
2. All that newb does is subchess in the arena all day.
by ryguy January 18, 2004
To borrow something expensive, never return it and blame it on someone else.
1. "Lets try to velstar that guy's sevenleaf!"
2. Did you hear about Joe? He got velstarred bad.
by ryguy January 18, 2004
"really" or alot of
You are freagin retarded
by RyGuy March 13, 2003
A mexican citizen who prowls internet message boards, flaming all comers with total disregard to what they've actually said. Also highly skilled in the arts of picking lettuce and making tacos.

Also goes by the name ROD.
This stupid superbeaner keeps flaming me even though I've just asked him a simple question.
by Ryguy February 20, 2005